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Refugees in the White City

  Here I was finally in Belgrade! Disembarking after a fifteen hour bus ride from Berlin, the touts swarmed around me offering taxis, and cheap accommodations.  Beefy blokes strode by wearing red, blue, and white Serbia T-shirts, making a show of their patriotism in this city known for its every-day nationalist display and machismo. I […]

Interview with Aziza A

What’s up with this Big Band thing?   It came about four years ago. A friend of mine had the idea – she wanted to throw a ‘60s-‘70s party, with music from Turkey from the ‘60s and ‘70s. And this was a time when Turkey was very modern. Before the putsch came in the ‘80s. […]

Uroš Petković from Shazalakazoo on Tallava

            What kind of music do you play?   Well, just electro-swing.   You’re doing mostly electro-swing these days?   Well, yeah, kind of, yeah.   I’m interested to find out what your take is on tallava? Maybe you can tell me something about what exactly tallava is.   Well, […]

Raffaele Cataldo, Gypsy Punk

So you’re playing at Kafana Berlin on Wednesday.   Yeah, I guess so.   The guy really likes you. He told me, “These guys are great”.   The boss? He was a little….He’s probably more business-minded than the younger guys. I felt a little bit he wasn’t convinced about it.   He told me he […]

Just a Poor Matador in the Arena of Istanbul

And so I decided to take a break from the party scene in Berlin for a while and chill out in Istanbul. Maybe the sober religiosity of a Muslim city would do me good. But I soon discovered that Istanbul was a party city par excellence and my first half year in Istanbul I spent […]

“Kafana Berlin”

How was the opening night?   Vladimir Kosić: It was really, really nice. We had the opening three days ago. And for three days we have been booked seven day in advance or something. We made a place for 160 people.   And you have a live music concept as well.   Mmm-hmm. The program […]

Atatürk’s Script Revolution — A Sufi Perspective

About the decision to do away with the old Ottoman script. What can one say about it? One of the arguments put forward by Atatürk was that the Turkish population was mainly illiterate, and this initiative would get rid of illiteracy.   Resul efendi: Bismillhirrahmanirrahim. The Turks, when they arrived in Anatolia had already taken […]

Dead City on a Lake

Well here I was, dammit: Salt Lake City – its wide illuminated streets stretching out and converging in the darkness, out by the salt flats – the city, the landscape looking cold and inhuman, the night sky immense and awesome, and the neon-lit downtown resplendent.   When the sun goes down, the facades of the […]

Ramzailech — Klezmer of Doom

  You wouldn’t think that klezmer and Rammstein would work together, but somehow it does with you guys. How do you account for that?   Amit Peled:  Yeah, Even the name: Rammstein – Ramzeilech: it’s all there.  I think that klezmer music is the roots of punk rock. The fast upbeats, the “Oi! Oi! Oi!” […]

Changing the World with Hummus

The interesting concept is that the restaurant is an Israeli-Palestinian cooperation.   Oz Ben David: It’s about Israelis and Palestinians opening something in Berlin. And there is an essence in the idea because we noticed and we didn’t come to Berlin for nothing. We wanted to prove with our own conflict that when we combine […]